Today, keen competition requires the need to control and accurately project the cost of doing business. It is more critical than ever among a customer base that increasingly expects and demands excellent service. In a world of instant communication, that customer base has come to expect on-time delivery of anything from a document to a diesel engine as an absolute standard of quality service. Some business' attempt to provide deliveries with their own delivery department. The costs associated with maintaining vehicles, gas, repairs, insurance, salaries, and fringe benefits have risen beyond their advantages. The alternative, private couriers on an as needed' basis, have proven unreliable. So where do they turn?

In the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan areas and beyond, a growing number of key business executives have chosen to rely on Capital Messengers for all their delivery needs.

At Capital Messengers, we know that time is money. Especially for companies whose business is providing timely & essential deliveries to their clients on time. Every Time.

Because deliveries need to adhere to a precise timetable, our service is perfectly suited to become a professional extension of your business.

We can pick up your scheduled deliveries at a predesignated time and deliver them immediately, thus allowing you to eliminate phone calls, delays and disruptions from your normal routines.

For clients with large volumes of daily deliveries, Capital Messengers can provide you with an efficient, economical on-site facility, or arrange for a dispatcher and/or 2 way radio equipment to be placed in your office to ensure that all of your deliveries will be constantly monitored. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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