In need of a driver? Got products that need distribution? Give Capital Messengers a call. We'll work with you to meet your delivery needs at a reasonable price.. Find out more... No matter what parts you need delivered, Capital has the capacity to handle your needs. We make sure your parts get delivered to your (and your customer's) satisfaction. Find out more..
You can depend on Capital Messengers to always provide you with:
  • The minimum number of drivers requested to maintain scheduled delivery needs.
  • Drivers available to meet any unscheduled or additional delivery needs.
  • Drivers who work a minimum of 40 hours per week without additional costs for holidays.
  • Drivers who are assigned to service your company on a regular basis. By maintaining this policy, you are assured particular needs, also realize that they represent not only Capital Messengers, but your business as well. If you are ever unsatisfied with your regular driver, we will provide a suitable replacement on one business day's notice.
  • Drivers who are Bonded, fully insured and clearly identified with photo I. D. badges.
  • Drivers who are equipped with cell phones or pagers to allow you to maintain constant contact and control.
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